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Browse through a comprehensive list of items creatively curated to bring forth the wedding of your dreams.

Exquisitely designed Wedding Gowns, styled aesthetically or contemporary, Complemented by the most stylish Veil / Trains, adorned with Tiaras and Hair Accessories.

Hand accessories like Bouquets be it Floral , Pearl or Crystal we make them all and Clutches to suit you personality.

 As you exchange your vows, Ringholders customized to bear your wedding bands, these go on to become a nostalgic piece inside your wardrobe.

Let’s not forget the most beautiful rich and soft SatinRobes for you to get ready for your big day.

Themed Bridesmaid Dresses, Corsage and headpieces for your entourage that compliment the tone set for you Big Day.

The list goes on, shoot us a quick Whatsapp to know more about us.

Bridal Gowns

Bridal Veils

Wedding dress trains are back in style in a major way, right from sweep and fish tail to statement making monarch styles. Trains can be part of your skirt; could be detachable peice or overlay that connects to your waist or a Watteau train attached at the shoulders like a cape.

Bridal Crown’s & Tiara’s

It is every girl dream of being a princess at her wedding and the crown/tiara is an important peice of bridal accessory that makes that dream come true. Crown/Tiara on the head accentuates the beauty of a bride.

Delicate crystal crowns hand wired to perfection with breathtaking designs look beautifully regal.Ptetty crystals and pearls with embellished leaves that glimmer effortlessly giving the bride an ethereal look of beauty.

Classic Tiaras with modern floral flair so delicately and elegantly designed . The sturdy yet flexible nature of the tiara allows you to comfortably shape up to your hairstyle.


Your bridal bouquet like any element of your wedding deserves it’s own “flare” that accentuates your personality and creativity. We have bouquets featuring the most beautiful mix of modern and vintage creations.



Get ready to Fall in love with some pretty amazing flower bouquets , made of fresh luscious flowers , an attractive display of elegance , fragrance and pop of colors. A romantic bouquet of your dreams and an ideal floral complement of your wedding gown.



Dazzling bouquets that leave brides speechless. The fresh flower bouquets can be complemented with beautifully crafted jewel broches adding a royal touch and regalness to the beautiful fresh flowers.


The all precious elegantly jeweled bouquets of pearl and/Or bling with delicate flowers crafted of organza, netted lace Or satin, leaving you with an everlasting memento unlike the variant bouquet with fresh flowers leaving only a memory.

Dress Alterations & Modifications

Every Bride wants a perfectly fitting and esthetically beautiful looking wedding gown. Sometimes brides need dress alterations to suit the Occasion be it the Church customs or the reception look, to fit better or a modification to enhance the look. We at Bride and More help you with professional assistsnce, to perfect your dazzling bridal look.

10 common alterations:

  1. Shortening the hem / adding Scalloped Edge
  2. Train loop or button
  3. Taking in around the chest / Adding Cups
  4. Taking in/out on the hops and waist
  5. Adding a waist stay
  6. Shortening the strap
  7. Altering the neckline / back / Closure
  8. Adding sleeves or patchwork to the sleeve

And various other special minor alterations

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